Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Span to Jays?

Following up on the post earlier, I wanted to look at other teams who could benefit from Spans solid OBP, good d in CF. After watching the Jays run out Rasmus and Davis earlier this year, I think the Jays could have some interest as both the Yankees and Red Sox look beatable so far this year. Maybe this is start of a 2-3 year window for them with all their young talent starting to hit the majors. The one thing they lack is a solid lead off hitter and cf both roles Span is capable of filling. So again using the Bourn trade as a model, I looked at the Blue jays system and saw a wealth of catching and pitching prospects both things the Twins sorely need. My opening over would be:

Span for J.P. Arencibia,+ pitching prospects Deck McGuire and Adonys Cardona

The Jays get a true leadoff hitter. The Twins get a solid, young cost controlled catcher to pair with Mauer and a solid mid-rotation pitching prospect who could be ready by 2014, plus a lottery ticket in Cardona.

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